Making Quality Custom Kitchens Since 1960

Started as a hobby by John Rissler Sr. in his barn, Rissler Custom Kitchens has a long history of
providing quality custom kitchens, vanities, countertops and more.

Rissler Custom Kitchens was started by John M. Rissler approximately the year of 1955.

He had always enjoyed working with wood even at a young age and later he made a cabinet for his wife Alice.

He was farming at the time and making cabinets for family. He had some health issues relating to farming, so he decided to transition to making kitchens full-time.

He started by making a kitchen for his brother-in-law. When his father passed away and the farm was sold, John purchased 1 ½ acres of road frontage from the estate to build a shop and a house for his growing family, and they moved to the new shop in 1970.

John was known not only for his high-quality cabinets, but also all the plans that he drew by hand.

In December 2017 John passed away. His son John Jr. and three of his children were employees at the time of John Sr.’s passing and a few more family members were hired.

We are a growing business while still retaining our high-quality work and small-business roots. We interact with our customers on a personal level and are committed to customer satisfaction.

John Sr. drawing kitchens plans.
John Sr. drawing kitchen plans.
One of John Sr.'s hand-drawn kitchen drawings.
One of John Sr.'s hand-drawn kitchen drawings.
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